​"Few business ever qualify for SAIF's lowest rate tier. Given the industry in which you operate, your accomplishment is even more impressive." - Jeff Friesen, VP, Willis of Oregon

Carr has one of the best EMR track records in the ironworking industry. Safety is always our first priority on any project. We approach every project with fresh eyes as there are different challenges on each job site. We promote an injury  free safety culture and we approach every problem as one that can be solved with planning, experience and mitigation.

2022 OSHA Log: (0) Lost Days, (0) Recordable Incidents



Carr Construction is a family business started by Kenny Carr in 1986 while heading into his final season playing for the Portland Trailblazers. We have built strong relationships with our clients over 35+ years, and have collaborated on numerous projects due to those relationships. In addition to self-performed steel erection, we provide procurement and management of the detailing and fabrication of structural steel, miscellaneous steel and decking materials. We have a core group of trusted fabricators we have partnered with for decades. Carr has also assisted in the Target Value Design process for facilities such as Genentech, Intel, Experience Music Project and OHSU.

​Bonding Capacity $20M single project, $40M Aggregate


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